Jesse Northey was a figure skater.  But not just any figure skater, he was the best. And at home in Fernie, BC, he was also the only boy who did such a thing. This made him a magnet for young girls who dreamt of being lifted and twirled into a long, healthy skating career.


That was until grade seven hit. Literally.


Jesse got beat up on a regular basis for his high-flying passion. He knew there was only one thing he could do to turn things around, and that was redemption…testosterone redemption.


Jesse knew he needed to get a guitar.


So off he went with his entire family, all the way to the bustling metropolis of Lethbridge, Alberta to buy his first electric. A shiny, blue, Stratocaster knockoff – “Yamaha Pacifica”. But Jesse also knew he couldn’t get by on the whiney acoustic stuff. He needed to learn the hardest and the fastest of songs, quickly.


Metallica. The answer was as hardcore as he was.
“If I can play those songs, I can play anything,” he thought to himself. So he practiced, and he practiced, and when the time was right he began to sing.


And so it began….


Meanwhile, in the same magical year that was seventh grade, Nick Vedres was at home in his mother’s basement playing acoustic shows for all the teddy bears he could find. By day, he was his bass-playing father’s prodigy, but by night, he was raring to become his own hero.
A rock star.
So after years of tampering on his papa’s old acoustic, Nick came up from the basement, arguably entered the same theoretical guitar shop as Jesse had, bought an electric, and joined the school band. He strummed his heart out in the back line, playing a whopping two chords per minute to such classic hits as ‘Silent Night’.


Sure, it wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but Nick would settle his ambitions by reminding himself, “Oh yeah, I’m the coolest guy in the band.”
But something was about to change. . .


The two young men began to mingle with their ambitious guitars at hand and something magical happened – they began to play music.
Now Nick’s basement had not one aspiring rock icons, but two! Until one day when Vancouver progressive-rock band, Incura, tracked down the two men. “Hey, you play music right,” asked the band. “Yeaaaa,” replied Jesse and Nick, hesitantly.


This was it. The grand opportunity to play their first show.


They had two months to do the unthinkable… write their own music. And so they came up from the basement, out into the streets of Lethbridge and recruited a band. And before they knew it, that band had a slew of original songs.


But they still lacked one thing – a name.


“Jesse and the Broken Compasses?”




“Jesse and the Ice Agents??”




“Well this is ridiculous,” exclaimed Jesse. “If we don’t have a band name by the morning, we’re going to be… Jesse and the Dandelions!”


There it was…”the threat.”


The sun went down and the sun came back up again to shed its rays on a pile of band members who had passed out unnamed.


And so there they were…Jesse and the Dandelions.


Jesse and the Dandelions wear their hearts on their sleeves. Whether it is love lost, friends found, or their homes nearly burning down, they deliver songs that are true and heartfelt, packing a real punch of fiery rock n roll. No sappy strumming here, only passionately catchy power pop that will burrow itself deep inside your ears and never let go.


Since releasing their first full-length The Lion’s Tooth in 2010, Jesse and the Dandelions have garnered widespread attention through their dynamic and honest live performances across Western Canada. Not content to sit on their laurels, the band has forged ahead into new song-writing territory, pushing themselves to constantly develop stronger and more interesting material. With the release of their 2012 EP Time and Space and Everything In-Between, the band’s namesake Jesse Northey has placed his arrangement and production skills proudly on display, as the band’s sonic experimentation stretched out into new territory.


Receiving extensive airplay on Alberta’s province-wide radio network CKUA, college/community stations across the country, and on CBC Radio 3, they have also played alongside bands like Attack in Black, Hey Ocean!, and We Are The City. Having no plans to slow down their evolution, Jesse and the Dandelions are developing new material on a daily basis with bold plans for touring and recording into 2013.


Jesse and the Dandelions are Jesse Northey on guitar and vocals, Tyler Stewart on bass, and Nick Vedres on drums.


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